Chocolate stamp

Chocolate stamp

Materials: Wooden handle with brass seal.
Weight: 80gr.
Seal size: Standard: 25 or 30mm round. To measure: Consult.

The custom chocolate stamp is used to sign or beautify cakes, desserts, pastries and biscuits.

It is necessary to use the seal very cold so that the hot chocolate does not engage the seal, it can cool in the freezer before its use.

Laura's Cookies by Laura

Laura's chocolate Biscuits are signed with the name and a beautiful floral border with the chocolate stamp. The chocolate seal is the basic for this cookie, exponentially improves its appearance and is its most characteristic element.

CHOCOLATE Cake by Zelda

The chocolate cakes can be marked directly with the seal or as in this case make a medallion, and then place it on the cake. The chocolate seal has been gilded after being made and placed on the cake.

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