Machine to customize ice cream sticks

Machine for burning ice cream sticks

This woodburning machine has been adapted to mark the wooden ice cream sticks in a quick and indelible way.

The popsicle branding machine have a pressure lever and rigid base for marking ice cream sticks in series (various shapes, traditional, Magnum, ect), with cream signature, gift promotion, ect. It’s possible to replace both recess to size for lace as the seal of thermoengraving with another logo or text.

This marker of popsicle sticks or popsicles can be tailored to mark all kinds of pieces like wooden spoons, keychains, leather tags, ect. Customizing, woodburning, branding, wooden popsicle ice scream sticks.

Month and Year Marking Stamp

The month and year marking stamp from Termograbados Piros is the perfect solution for your needs of precise and long-lasting marking. Made with high-quality brass, this stamp is designed for use with electric fire marking machines. Key Features: How to Buy?: If you’re interested in purchasing our month and year …

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Branding iron in inox to mark food

Branding iron in inox to mark food

Seal of stainless steel for branding food.

Piros Woodburning performs stamps to mark food in the kitchens of restaurants, for branding all kind of food such as pasta, dumplings, ravioli, hamburger buns, meat, vegetables…

For meat marking these stainless steel stamps are made with a very long handle to be able to heat with the embers where the meat is made. The logo cannot have letters or complex details as they will not be reproduced in the steak.

Check also our branding irons to mark the steaks doneness point

Branding iron in inox to mark food

Woodburning boxes of wood


The boxes and boxes of wood are very appropriate for the Woodburning. The brand pirograbada in the boxes or packaging of wood, is indelible and gives a finished natural and authentic to their product.

Woodburning on wood

Engraving on wood


Pyrography of LOGO in wood with machine of Woodburning of 400W (without controller of power). An indelible mark achieved in seconds.

Marker to fire iron

marker ironMarker of iron to fire with tree of the life made in iron to achieve a good durability in the mark because the logo is very detailed and fine.