Dater of furniture to fire

Furniture, packaging, ect, with the month and year of manufacture of indelible shape can be marked with this stamping for pyroengraving burn. For change of month there that loosen the screw and turn the arrow. To change the year only needs to be replaced the hairpiece inside with the year. …

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Branding iron in inox to mark food

Branding iron in inox to mark food

Seal of stainless steel for branding food.

Piros Woodburning performs stamps to mark food in the kitchens of restaurants, for branding all kind of food such as pasta, dumplings, ravioli, hamburger buns, meat, vegetables…

For meat marking these stainless steel stamps are made with a very long handle to be able to heat with the embers where the meat is made. The logo cannot have letters or complex details as they will not be reproduced in the steak.

Check also our branding irons to mark the steaks doneness point

Branding iron in inox to mark food

Woodburning EUR EPAL pallets

Mark EUR burned EPAL pallets

Machine of Woodburning electric of 400W with couple of seals of pyrography for mark pallets of wood with the logo EUR and EPAL in the measurement standard of 10x6cm. Mark EUR and EPAL is burned into the wood, it is a fully indelible mark.

The trademarks EPAL and EUR pirograbadas can be wet, exposed to the Sun, hit, scraping on the surface… unless you lose.

The seals are can exchange by loosening two screws if is uses a single machine with both seals.

Can Piros manufactures all types of seals electrical and to fire for the marking of pallets.

Also is can put in the same termograbadora the seal IPPC ISPM 15 Woodburning to indicate the control plant protection of the wood of the pallet.