Machine for marking hamburger breads burgerbuns

marking hamburger breads

Piros Woodburning manufactures marking hamburger breads burgerbuns using stainless steel food stamps with a professional 600W machine for it’s use in a kitchen. The seal is made with a food-grade stainless (aisi 316) for sanitary reasons and also for durability. The maximum size of the seal for correct marking on hamburger buns is 60x20mm or 40x40mm.

Ideal for marking food like for example in this case, hamburger breads or buns, but also is could mark any food that you imagine due to the stainless steel stamp which makes it extremely tough, durable and hygienic.

Our Stainless Steel Branding Heads are unsurpassed in quality and are designed to brand a wide range of food products including burger buns, burgerbuns, dinner rolls and even coconuts.

As for the power regulator, people who are very used to marking the breads or burguerbuns (all breads are marked before they start the service) go so fast that they do not need it. In the rest of cases it is necessary to be able to mark them at the most adequate temperature.


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