Industrial 450W Branding Iron Stamp

Power: 450W
Weight: 1900gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 100x50mm

Powerful, fast and robust wood burning machine, ideal for daily use and all kinds of brands such as logos, texts, codes IPPC Standard NIMF 15, EUR, EPAL, etc. It is a seal to mark electrical with greater robustness and greater durability of resistance.

To use, simply plug the large electric branding iron into the current, let the seal heat for 7 minutes and apply on the objects. Once you have finished burning the desired objects, unplug the machine from the current.

If you have to burn different marks, the brass stamp can be replaced.

Piros makes the branding irons as you need, as long as it does not exceed the maximum marking area of the machine. In them, you can reproduce your logo, text, code, etc.

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