ISPM 15 branding tools woodburning

stamp IPPC ISPM 15

ISPM branding tools – Woodburning machines with IPPC 15 stamp

The certified IPPC ISPM 15 woodburning stamp identifies the origin of the wood and the type of treatment applied to its disinfection.

Piros Woodburning makes IPPC woodburning machines for marking Ispm 15 codes, wood that attached to the manual machine of Woodburning or pyroengraving, allows fast and indelible marking of wood, pallets, crates, dunnages, etc, with the IPPC ISPM 15 code assigned to your company.

This seal includes the IPPC logo or ISPM 15 (designation of the Act on the prevention and integrated control of pollution), standard code of the country, the code of the province, the number that identifies the company registration and treatment code. The official register of operators of wood packaging delivers this code.

Termograbados Piros has three models of woodburning machines or branding tools with the IPPC NIMF 15 stamp, the 400W machine for sporadic use, the 450W industrial machine for daily use and the 1000W with power regulator for intensive use:

nymp 15 ippc stamp to mark pallets

400W pallet thermo-engraving machine ref: 400-700

Power: 400W
Weight: 1000gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 70x40mm

This IPPC ISPM 15 seal stamp can be made with the standard 400W electric thermal engraving machine for moderate use.

electric machine ninf 15 ippc stamp to mark pallets nimf15 stamp

450W pallet woodburning machine ref: 450-100

Power: 450W
Weight: 2500gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 100x50mm

The new 450W electric thermo-engraving machine with the IPPC NIMF 15 seal for industrial use, has more power, greater robustness and greater resistance durability, ideal for daily use.

High power thermo-engraving machine

High power 1000W pallet marker machine with digital power regulator

Power: 1000W
Max temperature: 600ºC (self limited by the regulator)
Weight: 1000gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 80x60mm

The 1000W industrial machine with the IPPC NIMF 15 stamp seal for intensive use with a power regulator to protect the resistance from overheating and thus prolong the life of the electrical resistance.

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