Stamps for marking molten glass

Stamps for glass blowers. If you want to sign your art in hot glass, our brass stamps will make it easy for you! Your brand can be as small or as big as you want. A simple and clear design will allow you to obtain the best results. Just send us your logo and we’ll do the rest.

Stamps for marking pieces of hot glass:

Directly on the glass piece is pressed with the seal to mark glass engraved in relief, in this way the piece remains with the mark in low relief.

These stamps can be mirrored, to mark the pieces of hot glass so that they can be seen on the marked side, or they can be made on the right, to mark backwards and then be seen on the other side of the glass. For example to mark glass asses on their outer face and that the logo is seen from inside the glass.

Stamps for engraved glass medallions:

Round bronze seal engraved in low relief to make embossed glass medallions from a molten glass ball. The seal for marking hot glass is thick (15mm) so that it retains the temperature for longer and obtains excellent durability.

They also serve to make pendants or glass jewelry.

Custom metal Stamps for blowing molten glass. This is a custom brass seal for stamping hot glass for glass blowers. We record each one individually to ensure the highest quality. The seals are made with a larger handle and designed for the higher heat associated with the glass.

Leave your mark on glass! This is a custom engraved metal stamp (brass) for use on molten glass. Used by glass blowers around the world to sign their works, make prints and texturize.

This Stamp can be used to make a hot cast glass print. The seal comes with a special handle to make it easy to hold and safe to use in glass blowing jobs.

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