Stamps to mark the meat doneness point

Set of three branding irons to mark the doneness of cooking the grilled meat with the words: RARE MEDIUM WELL.

These three stainless steel seals aisi 316 with a long handle of stainless steel with nylon handle, certified as valid for use in food, are placed in the embers where the meat is made. With the right stamp, the cook marks the doneness of the meat in the meat itself, avoiding mistakes of the waiter when distributing the meat among diners.

It can also be ordered with short handle to heat with a torch instead of with embers.

This method to identify meat does not need any consumable for use nor generates any residue, the brand is indelible and is a novel method that surprises customers.

The identification of RARE MEDIUM WELL has been chosen to be identifiable for both local diners and tourists.

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