Stickbrander ice cream stick branding

Stickbrander Piros woodburning sticks Ice cream marker

Stickbrander branding clamp

Power: 100w (220 Volts European plug or 110 Volts US plug)
Weight: 600gr
Maximum markup Area: 30x10mm

The Stickbrander is a manual woodburning machine for heat marking popsicle or ice cream sticks, manufactured by Piros Woodburning . Suitable for european market with 220 Volts and european plug or for US market with 110 volts and US plug.

The branding machine Stickbrander for marking ice cream sticks carries in one of the faces of the pliers the seal with the logo or text to mark on the popsicle sticks. On the other side it has the support where to place the stick, it can be for any measure, traditional sticks or magnum sticks.

With the Stickbrander for ice stick branding clamp, all the marks are well centered. It’s a very economical marker, quick to use and small size, can be stored in any drawer.

Stickbrander Piros woodburning ice cream Sticks branding Popsicle Sticks Marker Mark Popsicle Sticks

Marking ice cream sticks is very easy. Plug the machine into the power and wait 5 minutes to take the optimum temperature, place the ice cream stick in its holder, press lightly and remove the stick already marked:


popsicle ice cream sticks iron branding machine branding clamp


  1. Do you ship to Canada ,
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  2. I am based in London can you send me a quote for the manual stickbrander machine

  3. Do you ship to the US? If so can you send me a quote for the Manual Ice cream Stick Branding machine?

  4. I am interested as well can you please send me the price?

  5. Hi, I’m interested where is the price.

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