Desktop woodburning machine

woodburning desktop machine

Desktop woodburning machine ref:600-SM

Power: 500W
Weight: 8000gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 100x80mm
Built-in temperature regulator: 0 to 400 ºC

Powerful and robust benchtop woodburning branding machine, ideal for all kinds of brands both large or small to marking very quickly and accurately.

Thanks to its built-in temperature regulator it allows us to mark wood as well as leather, plastic or cardboard.

The woodburning machine is also height adjustable, we can mark objects of different sizes, at its base we can place stops to mark all kinds of well-centered parts and its lever achieves a perfect horizontality of the seal with respect to the piece.

If different marks need to be woodburned, the custom engraved brass stamp can be easily replaced.

Piros Woodburning engrave the stamps in their own workshop. In them you can place your logo, text, code, ect.

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