Branding iron with propane butane gas

High performance gas propane butane branding iron fire marker with two burners with 100x60mm stamp.

The gas marker is a manual heat marker with fire that connects to a butane or propane gas cylinder. It allows very fast heating and use anywhere. A quick and deep burn in any wood, marking the logo or code indelibly in a matter of seconds.

It consists of the marker with the custom stamp. Piros thermo-engraved makes the fire stamp to measure and make the engraving of the logo, code or reference to be marked. The heating stamp with the butane gas burner is made of bronze of a large size up to 100x60mm.

Having two handles allows a comfortable marking in horizontal position.

This gas branding iron is excellent for marking codes EUR, EPAU and IPPC ISPM 15 in packagings and pallets with propane or butane gas.

– High-powered gas-based scoreboard with two burners
– APZ12 Mondial LPG pressure regulator for 12 Kg/h. Adjustable in the output pressure thanks to the built-in lever from 0 to 4 Bar. 3/4″ female gas inlet
– 3m gas pipe with two clamps.

– Bronze seal for marker with LPG gas maximum size 100x60mm.


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