Branding iron for mixologist

Mixologist seal, to mark ice at room temperature or to mark fruit skin with a small torch.
The mixologist stamp for branding cocktails from Piros Woodburning opens a new world of creativity and good taste to improve the appearance of the cocktail while identifying the name of the author with his Cup.

The effect of branding in cocktails is very novel and customers always remember the name of the mixologist, the bartender or the place where they have tasted the cocktail.

Bramble by Mixóloga Teresa Granad

Our client Teresa Granad uses her personalized seal of thermoengraving on the skins of the fruits that are used to aromatize the cocktail and decorate. Teresa Granad is a mixóloga shaker with almost 20 years of experience in creating creative and original recipes for cocktails.

Classic cocktail teacher and accustomed to create creative letters for several locals with orientation to their target audience. You can find it through Facebook Teresa Granad and Instagram Teresa_granado. It has also appeared in newspapers (Agro and Diario Sur), on radio (Cadena Ser) and on television (Canal Sur) talking and showing that is the Mixology

Whisky House by bartender Jaume Karmak

A couple of years ago, our client Jaume Karmak began to mark the ice for his cocktail in Barcelona. Then he decided to put the name of the whisky of the house, his name in the lemon skin of his most prized cocktails, Mark oranges… "More and more places do," says Karmak. "Many bartenders will act as if they had seen it before. But we did not create these experiences for other waiters. We make them for 99 percent of our customers who have never seen details like this, details that create what I call moments. The first time is always the one that is marked in your mind. "

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