Pallet marker 1000W High power branding iron electrical stamp with analog controller

Pallet marker

Electric branding tool high-power 1000W to mark pallets with analog temperature regulator for intensive use

Power: 1000W (two 500W heating elements)
Max temperature: 600ºC
Weight: 1000gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 100x60mm
Performance: 20 marks / minute

The most powerful and robust fire-burning pallet marker electric tool stamp achieves extreme temperatures with maximum resistance durability.

Ideal for all kinds of large brands in flat wooden objects, pallets, pallets, wooden boxes, street furniture, packaging, etc, with logos, stamps IPPC NIMF-15, EUR, EPAL… Its weight, maneuverability as well as its heating and burning speed are the characteristics that will allow you to optimize your marking operations.

To mark pallets you need on the one hand the branding machine and the custom stamp, which is interchangeable.

This machine has extraordinary power, allows very fast marking. The power regulator controls the marking temperature at all times and prevents resistance overexertion by prolonging its life. Is an industrial thermoengraving machine prepared to work many hours daily.

This electric pyro-engraving stamp has two wooden handles to handle comfortably even allows you to press the machine hard if necessary. Allows comfortable marking both vertically and horizontally.

Piros makes the electric seals to mark pallets as you need as long as it does not exceed the maximum marking area of the machine 100x60mm. In them apart from the stamps EPAL, EUR, NIM15 IPPC you can reproduce your logo, text, code, etc.

Notes on the resistors:

  • Resistances have a certain life time, in most cases they will last several years.
  • Using the machine many hours daily or leaving the machine plugged without using wear resistance.
  • NEVER mark wet/wet pallets or connect the pallet marking machine to a socket with more power than 220 Volts.
  • The resistance does not fall within the warranty of the thermoengraving machine.
  • Store machines in dry places.

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