800W Woodburning Machine

Woodburning 1000w machine

High Power 800W Woodburning Machine ref: 1000-200

Power: 800W
Weight: 4000 gr. (included brass stamp)
Maximum marking area: 200x50mm

Woodburning Machine very powerful and robust, ideal for all kinds of big brands on flat objects of wood, wooden boxes, diapers, hives of bees, urban furniture, packaging, ect.

This electrical stamp for wood burn has two comfortably handles that allows pressing the machine with force if necessary.

To use, simply plug the small woodburning machine into a mains electricity socket , let heat 5 minutes and apply to objects. Once it has finished marking desired objects, disconnect the machine from power.

If you want to burn different brands, the brass stamp can be replaced easily by loosening 4 screws.

Piros Woodburning performs stamps to the measure you need it it does not exceed the area maximum of marking area of the machine. In them you can place your logo, text, code, etc, even insert interchangeable characters.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if your able to do a custom label for this type of stamper, the stamper size will consist of 15 characters including spaces, it will be something like this (RETURN TO ROLLEX). I was inquiring to see what is the biggest size you guys offer and how much does it cost
    Thank you
    Jesus Gonzalez

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