Woodburning machines

Machine 200W woodburning
200W Small Woodburning Machine ref: 200-50
Electric stamp for heat marking, agile, light and ideal for small brands such as logos, websites, signatures, etc.
Power: 200W
Maximum marking area: 50x25mm
Machine 200W woodburning
400W Large Woodburning Machine ref:400 – 70
Powerful, reliable and versatile, ideal machine for the majority of jobs.
Power: 400W
Maximum marking area: 70x70mm or 90x40mm
Machine Woodburning 1000W
High Power 800W Woodburning Machine ref: 800-200
Machine for intensive work with need a lot of power and a large marking area.
Power: 800W
Maximum marking area:200x50mm
Regulator power to machine woodburning
Power regulator
Power regulator that allows adjust to the temperature right of any machine electric of woodburning.

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