How to buy

To make an order send an email to with the logo, text or code IPPC desired, indicating the size of the mark and which are the objects that you want to mark.

Logo preferably in vector format: corel, freehand, illustrator, cad… if it’s not possible an image may also be sufficient.

We will answer you shortly indicating the most appropriate way of woodburning your objects and the budget of the woodburning machine o branding iron.

We manufacture custom branding irons in 7 business days or 48 hours in urgent service.

Form of payment transfer or PayPal.

Shipments to Europe and USA by DHL international in 2-3 days.


  1. Hi there,

    Wondering if you ship to Canada or just US and Europe?

    Would be potentially looking for one branding iron for fruit (bartending).

    Let me know!

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