EUR EPAL stamps to mark pallets

Mark EUR burned EPAL pallets

Welcome to Piros Woodburning, your go-to solution for stamps to woodburn pallets with the EUR or EPAL certification! Explore our premium products with outstanding features designed for your needs.

Here are the key characteristics of our woodburning stamps:

Seal Material: Crafted from high-quality bronze, our seals ensure durability and resilience to withstand the toughest conditions.

Standard Seal Size: With a size of 160x120mm, our seals provide clear and visible markings, ensuring the readability of your pallets.

Powerful Machines: We utilize powerful electric (up to 1000W) or gas-powered woodburning machines to deliver efficient and precise performance with each woodburning. The speed of our machines is exceptional, optimizing your production process.

Fast and Deep Marking: Our woodburning stamps guarantee rapid marking without compromising depth. Achieve clear and enduring identification on your pallets efficiently.

Indelible Mark: The mark left by our woodburning branding irons is indelible, ensuring the permanence of the identification over time.

Possible Engravings: Customize your branding irons with the EUR or EPAL symbols, adhering to international standards and ensuring compliance with your products.

Delivery Time: At Piros Woodburning, we understand the importance of timely delivery. We guarantee a delivery time of 7 working days, providing you with the stamps precisely when you need them.

Direct Contact: For inquiries, custom orders, or assistance, feel free to contact us via email at Our team is ready to assist you.

Choose Piros Woodburning for premium woodburning seals and elevate the quality of your pallets. Place your order now and experience excellence in woodburning engraving!

This woodburning machines also can mark with the ISPM 15 stamp:

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