EUR EPAL stamps to mark pallets

Welcome to Piros Woodburning, your go-to solution for stamps to woodburn pallets with the EUR or EPAL certification! Explore our premium products with outstanding features designed for your needs. Here are the key characteristics of our woodburning stamps: Seal Material: Crafted from high-quality bronze, our seals ensure durability and resilience …

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ISPM 15 branding irons for woodburning pallets

ISPM branding irons – woodburning machines with IPPC 15 stamp for marking pallets The certified IPPC ISPM 15 woodburning stamp identifies the origin of the wood and the type of treatment applied to pallets disinfection. Piros Woodburning makes IPPC woodburning machines for marking Ispm 15 codes, wood that attached to …

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 Stamps to mark the meat doneness point

Set of three branding irons to mark the doneness of cooking the grilled meat with the words: RARE MEDIUM WELL. These three stainless steel seals aisi 316 with a long handle of stainless steel with nylon handle, certified as valid for use in food, are placed in the embers where …

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Stamps for marking molten glass

Stamps for glass blowers. If you want to sign your art in hot glass, our brass stamps will make it easy for you! Your brand can be as small or as big as you want. A simple and clear design will allow you to obtain the best results. Just send …

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Stickbrander ice cream stick branding

Stickbrander branding clamp Power: 100w (220 Volts European plug or 110 Volts US plug) Weight: 600gr Maximum markup Area: 30x10mm The Stickbrander is a manual woodburning machine for heat marking popsicle or ice cream sticks, manufactured by Piros Woodburning . Suitable for european market with 220 Volts and european plug …

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Leather tags marked with fire

Leather marked with fire with a Piros Woodburning branding iron to make leather labels. The leather is engraved with the logo, the line where to trim the skin and the points where to make the holes. A simple and economical way to make high quality leather labels for artisans, saddlers, …

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Branding iron for mixologist

Mixologist seal, branding iron to mark ice at room temperature or to mark fruit skin like lemon twist with a small torch. The mixologist stamp for branding cocktails from Piros Woodburning opens a new world of creativity and good taste to improve the appearance of the cocktail while identifying the …

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Marking of ice with seal

Prints in high relief, Woodburning seals also make ice. Simply subject the stamp firmly on the block or piece of ice, and the own specific heat of metal will make your brand from sinking on the ice without applying heat or pressure.

Mark ice for use in gourmet, cocktails, Gin tonics events…

Ispm15 ippc with date stamp

ispm15 ippc with date stamp

The IPPC certificate or phytosanitary standard ISPM No. 15 identifies the origin of the wood and the type of treatment applied for disinfection. Also can indicate the date of the making, required in multiple countries.

The date is can modify through the change of those numbers or characters interchangeable, for form the date required in each moment.

You can Piros manufactures electrical Woodburning IPPC seal or sealing for the ispm15 date stamping, wood which joined Woodburning or pyroengraving, manual electric machine allows marking of wood quick and indelible way with the IPPC code assigned to your company with the production date.

All types of packagings of wood, pallets or other wood products can be marked with this label.