200W woodburning machine

Woodburning 200w machine

200W Small Woodburning Machine ref: 200-50

Power: 200W
Weight: 800 gr. (brass stamp included)
Maximum marking area: 50x25mm

Powerful pyroengraving machine, lightweight and flexible, ideal for small brands such as logos, websites, signatures, ect. It has a wooden handle that allows for a comfortable grip and apply pressure if necessary.

This Woodburning machine is preferred by the carpenters to mark furniture for its lightness and contained measures making it easier to access anywhere in the furniture to wood burn, and the rustic appearance of the pyrography to mark the wood.

To use, simply plug the small woodburning machine into a mains electricity socket , let heat 5 minutes and apply to objects. Once it has finished marking desired objects, disconnect the machine from power.

If you want different brands pyroengraving, the brass stamp can be replaced easily by loosening 4 screws.

Piros Woodburning performs stamps to the measure you need it it does not exceed the area maximum of marking area of the machine. In them you can place your logo, text, code, etc, even insert interchangeable characters.

You can optionally be equipped with power regulator to use the machine at the ideal temperature. This is very useful if you want to use the machine intensively, or if you want to mark leather, plastic, bread or other materials that require a temperature setting.


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