1000W high power woodburning machine with digital power regulator

high power woodburning machine

 1000W high power woodburning machine with digital power regulator

Power: 1000W
Max temperature: 600ºC (self-limited by the regulator)
Weight: 1000gr (brass seal included)
Maximum marking area: 80x60mm
Speed: 20 marks / minute

The most powerful and robust woodburning machine on the market, it reaches extreme temperatures with the maximum durability of the resistances due to the digital power regulator.

Ideal for all types of large marks on flat wooden objects, pallets, wooden boxes, urban furniture, packaging, etc., with logos, IPPC NIMF-15, EUR, EPAL stamps… Its weight, its maneuverability as well as its speed heating and burning are the characteristics that will allow you to optimize your marking operations.

To mark, you need the machine on one side and the personalized stamp, which is interchangeable, on the other.

This woodburning machine has an extraordinary power, it allows a very fast marking. The power regulator controls the marking temperature at all times and prevents overexertion of the resistance, prolonging its life. In an industrial thermo-engraving machine prepared to work many hours daily.

This large electric woodburning stamp has two wooden handles to be able to manipulate comfortably, even allowing you to press hard on the machine if necessary.

If different marks need to be pyrographed, the brass seal can be replaced by unscrewing the seal.

Piros Woodburning makes the stamps as needed as long as it does not exceed the maximum marking area of ​​the machine. In them you can reproduce your logo, text, code, etc.

This is the most complete equipment, it has two adjustable handles in position for right-handed people, left-handed people and to hold in a vertical position, the wooden handles insulate the operator from the high temperature reached by this woodburning stamp. It also incorporates an electronic controller to adjust the temperature. It is the marker that provides the highest performance and the fastest to mark, so it is recommended for long runs, cold environments and also for marking surfaces where the temperature should not exceed a certain limit, such as skin, plastics, etc. etc..

Stamping, hot marking with portable electrical devices.

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